All of your digital wants and desires are already fulfilled, but don’t let the RIAA know. You see, digital content, such as Music, Movies and Programs are really nothing but a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, when stored on your hard drive. A music file is nothing more than a set arrangement of the various 1’s and 0’s into a format that some other set of 1’s and 0’s can interpret. What if you were to manually create a pattern of 1’s and 0’s to exactly match that of your favorite music track, or even that of Microsoft Windows? Would you be violating any copyright laws since you did not copy original works, but rather created your own from scratch? I am not a copyright expert, or even claim to know anything about the complex laws surrounding it, but I believe the laws center around the finished work, not the actual arrangement of the ‘physical’ elements.

Now, accomplishing this is not a small feat. It is utterly expensive in terms of money and time, but is possible (you Quantum Computing bandwagon riders may want to read my previous post). Lets say you take a LOT of 10MB hard drives. On each drive, you systematically write an incrementing pattern of 1’s and 0’s. On the first drive, it will be full of 0’s, the next all 0’s with a single 1; on the next, all 0’s, a 1 and a 0; the next will have two 1’s and so on until the very last drive has all 1’s. When completed (and many millennium later), you will have at least one (actually, many) already created works. That is, some of the drives will contain bit sequences that are an exact match of another program or file. It should be noted that this is pretty much the same process used to systematically brute force passwords. So forget Bittorrent, just go buy a few billion hard drives and start writing those bits! The speed of completion will probably be the same of the time it takes to actually get a successful download off of Bittorrent anyway.