OK, I was able to score a Next Gen console recently and a few next-gen ‘optimized’ games. I have fast Internet, so wasn’t too worried about having to download the mandatory patches needed to play any game you purchase these days. Soooo, after installing and downloading the 1.24GB patch for one game, a few 64-100GB patches for a few others, I was alerted from my ISP that I was very close to overrunning my data plan. What? I thought I was on an unlimited plan. Not so fast there buddy….your unlimited plan does have a data cap, and when exceeded, we charge you for overages. However, if you want a truely unlimited plan, you must pay us an additional $40/month. So to all who use your Internet connection to stream videos and TV, download files and use Next Gen consoles, be sure to read the fine print in your ISP contract to make sure unlimited is really unlimited, not some redefined definition of unlimited.