I had a dream about an idea for a video game. It is like Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online, but a mixture of single person and MMO. You are a warrior class outside a kingdom of a nasty king. The main idea is to overthrow the king, if you like, or assimilate into the kingdom. The whole world is interactive with quests and side quests, and your demeanor is determined by the actions you take. Coins are the currency of the world. You get coins by doing quests, selling items, helping people or mining gold and selling to a refinery. You can try to mine for gold almost anywhere outside the kingdom. For example, there is a place named Golden Field which is full of yellow-gold flowers. If you look around, you can find small gold nuggets. However, if you mine the area, you destroy the landscape permanently, but may find much much more gold. You can set up a mining operation there and recruit others to mine for you for pay each day. Eventually, Golden Fields will look like a large mining operation. Once you fill your wagons, you send them off to the nearest refinery which pays out for ore depending on the size, amount and current Gold price (which is calculated by total gold in the kingdom to adjust for inflation or depression. However, along the path to the refinery, other players may attempt to steal your supply. Chests are secured with Expert locks, so lockpicking is difficult if the thieves manage to overtake your caravan. You can send the wagons unguarded, or hire guards, place wards, hire Ogres or Giants at pricely sums, or even have trained animals such as a Dragon guard your wagon train. Inside the kingdom, there is no PvP. You can settle in a house and farm if you please, set up a store or blacksmith or whatever. There is a fighters arena for others to settle differences ‘legally’. Outside the kingdom, you can clear parts of a forest and make a homestead, but you will need wards or defense creatures to protect it from others looting. You can join a Den. Everyday, new missions are automatically posted for Den members to partake in, or the Den leader can, using a Mad-Libs type form, create their own. If you complete an automatic (or King assigned) task, you are awarded experience and gold from the kingdom. If it is a Den task, the Den pays for it out of their coffers. Tasks/quests can be performed as single player, or team up wth other Den members to complete (and split the prize). Dens can even arrange raids against other Dens, but those Dens must be at equal or greater power than yours. If you are far away from your Den on a quest or just scouting around, you can communicate via carrier birds. The inform you of new tasks or quests or request for you to come back to the Den, etc. You can spend your time questing the countryside, invading the kingdom (and incur ransoms on your head), or take break to clear some outlier land and make a home for yourself and tend to fields, operate a store or whatever. While not playing, if you are attacked, the game will play for you, with you having the advantage. If you are attacked while paying, it is up to your skills to defeat the attacker, but again, you can only attack equal or greater levels. If you do attack other players, you may incur a bounty or get arrested. If defeated, you don’t die, but rather respawn at the closest refuge, losing any armor, weapons or items of value, and much of your gold. You can select no PvP option gameplay as well. If you do, you cannot join Dens or attack others, and you cannot be attacked. You also become protected by the kingdom, so overthrowing the king is much much more difficult. It is a vast open world. In the kingdom, you need to follow the rules (or rather, not get caught). Outside the kingdom, rules are more lax. You can hunt, explore ruins, learn magic, fight mythical creatures (or befriend them), whatever. The environment is remembered and slowly regenerated. For example, trees that are deforested leave the area barren for a period of time, even if you didn’t do the deforestation. You can smith everyday items from the land such as clothing, armor, hunting/fishing supplies, weapons, etc, or you can gather raw materials and visit a specialist to craft even more powerful items, and even make them magical. You have many skill sets you can level up in. These are similar to Skyrim. You can train to be a warrior, magician, thief, druid, or whatever combination you desire.