I wanted a bowl of cereal tonight, but realized I forgot to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home (worked late, hit every light coming home so the trip was one hour and was focused on getting home and it slipped my mind). There is enough milk for the kid in the morning, but not enough to drown my cereal. Soooooo….

Let’s get creative. I have a bag of Sugar Smacks. I have a bowl. I have a spoon. I have some FRENCH VANILLA ICE CREAM. Wait, WHAT? Milk comes from cows. Ice cream comes from milk (in a round about way). Hmmmm. TASTY GOODNESS. You get a crunchy and smooth treat, then as the ice cream melts, it is just like a bowl with milk, except the cereal STAYS CRUNCHY.

I think I am on to something here. Watch out Ben & Jerry’s!