Time for a link dump. Here are some of the lighter side sites I have been visiting lately.

The Funny Farm game is a word association type game that I am currently hooked on. Avoid it like the plague lest you be sucked in:

Abandonia is a great archive for those years-be-gone computer games that have been abandoned. Through the hard work of others, you can now download them without worry that your computer won’t be powerful enough to run them. How many hours did you waste on some of these in the old 286 & 386 days?

Gaming magazines of the pre-Internet are now online! I cut my teeth on Trash80’s, Commodores, Atari, and had plenty of these magazines as a kid. Funny though, I remember them being much cooler than now. I used to look at the ads, longing for enough money to buy that new crappy-block-graphic video game….my, how times have NOT changed! Don’t forget the hours laboring over typing in pages upon pages of DATA statements to generate some incomprehensible ASCII art generating program.