I *so* love the Monster drinks. The carbinated caffeine injected beverage that has you bouncing off the walls, then crash. And the large cans are a sight to behold, their their thermos look and feel. The only drawback is the price for this sugary delite (at least twice the cost of a soda and half the size). First timers may notice a slight metallic after taste, which is part of the appeal. Now, they have energy charged Java. That’s right, if coffee was not enough of a jolt, add the Monster formula to it and WOW! The brain goes into overload! I have tried Red Bull, and it is pretty good also, but costs the same as competitors, but you get less beverage.
My favs:
Monster Energy (the green can)
Java Monster – Mean Bean
Java Monster – Loca Moca

Keep an eye out at the various shopping centers (especially around sports stores) for the Monster green van or the tricked out pickup truck. If spotted, they may be giving out free cans. Through numerous fly-by’s you can probably score a total of a six-pack. If you get hooked, pay attention to specials at the 7-11 and gas stations. You may score two 16oz cans for $4.