So I am reading about someone finding and releasing the signing key for the iPhone SDK so one can possibly write their own applications for use on an iPhone (which as of right now is not permitted by the almighty Apple). OK, cool. The same thing happened with the DVD decryption keys and the community was thrilled for being able to stick it to the MPAA. Well how times have changed! The Mac fanboys have rallied and are crying in their caffeinated water bottles. How can some evil person even wish to desire the signing key, let alone publish it? Please leave the sacred Apple products in their pure state, blessed by Jobs himself. This means that someone could possibly write malicious code for which can then trick a very-smart-and-keen-for-being-thrilled-over-bouncing-icons superior Mac users into running, thus compromising their Apple sanctuary. Oh STFU!!!!!

I think it is a bad move for Apple to not permit independent application development for the iPhone. However, how else can they (and any lucky 3rd party developers who are in the sacred inner circle) nickel and dime their fanbase if they allow lower life forms to make programs that may be superior to their own applications and release them for free?

I don’t mind the Mac itself. I use them occasionally. I don’t swear by it, just like I don’t hold any allegiance to Windows or Linux either. I simply use the right tool for the job instead of forcing me to recast my need to my restricted platform of choice.

It seems that Apple could become a religion. They already have an icon/prophet for whom the followers regard as a demi-god. There is already a very large and deeply dedicated following of sheeple willing to climb the mountain to hear the deity Steve reveal new colors for an already deprecated product line. Wars (flame) have already been undertaken against those who oppose their beliefs, all in the name of their savior. They are already accustomed to doling donations to obtain new songs, useless applications and even larger donations to pay for black spray paint, so the passing of the collection plate will always be returned full. And no matter how attractive other alternatives look, or how bad they are deprived, they remain loyal. Sounds like all the makings for a religion to me. Wait! They are missing some sort of bible. I guess a Macworld keynote speech would suffice. Someone needs to fill out the Government paperwork so they can be officially recognized. But that won’t happen. Apple is to full of itself to demean itself by admitting they are not a church already, and the fanboys don’t have the initiative to do anything that is not outside of the Apple sphere. I guess it is a good thing. I really don’t want to see the steeple of an Apple store at every residential intersection.