I really don’t like April 1st. It wasn’t bad years ago, but it really is a PITA in the digital realm. Besides all the ghost in the machine pranksters scanning and sending SPAM landen with viruses, more and more popular (and even ‘credible’ news sites) are getting in on the ‘fun’. While I do love practical jokes, when I don’t have time to spend all my waking time surfing, I *really* don’t want to waste my time with meaningless and outright ridiculous articles in the name of April Fool’s. I stumbled across a few postings/events/articles that had very slight changes in the text that would not be noticed by most people. How is that funny? Only after someone reads the user comments does the joke come across. As my wife says: ‘It is not funny if I have to explain it to you’.
Here is an example:
“XYZ slipped its production schedule and was delayed for release until next month…”
And here is the joke:
“XYZ really didn’t slip its production schedule, it is still on target. PSYCH!!!”
“The text has mixed tense. The phrase ‘was delayed’ used in reference to ‘slipped its production schedule’ mixes tense. This is incorrect, since if it slipped its production schedule, it IS delayed for release, not WAS delayed for release.”

OK, this is LAME. Whoever wrote this is a bigger loser than I. This same poster probably scrutinizes movie trilogies for minor and inconsequential inconsistencies and discontinuities.

So, what happened to the iPhone skin? Did the battery die? Did it crash? No. I re-linked my domain name to another directory location and forgot to move the skin images. Time to look for another skin since I was getting tired of the old one anyways.

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