This past weekend was the last days for our community pool before shutting down for the winter (don’t get me started as to why they decided to build an outdoor pool instead of a year-round indoor pool!), so I took my daughter there for a last swim. Saturday was not very busy, so a fun time was had. However, Monday, being a holiday, was busy. First, you have all the deck chairs taken up by women sun bathing. Not eye-candy women, but people that should not be wearing what they were wearing. I don’t understand why these people did simply sunbathe in their backyards? I mean, a large number of them never set foot near the pool, but took up valuable real estate intended for swimmers. Then we have the ‘pool posers’. These are the handful of guys ‘sunbathing’ (but are pure white), gawking at the bikini’s over their sunglasses. One guy in particular was pretty obvious, given his sunglasses half-way down his nose, his neck straining in every direction, and the flag pole in his swim trunks! Yes, you could actually watch him raise and lower his staff. As a game, I would watch the other side of the pool, and when some teenie-bopper arrived in a small bikini, I could be sure that the staff was raised. Sure enough! When they were replaced by a less desirable bunch, the staff lowered. To top it off, a few post-teens set up shop near him. While they were getting settled, he arose from his voyeur chair, sneaked to the pool edge, splashed water on his hair and chest, then stood up and stretched/exhaled like he just completed an Olympic swimming event. He then sat back down and proceeded to ‘dry off’ while smiling at the post-teens. What a poser!

Next, we have the water polo team wannabes. These are the people who toss around a ball or football across the pool without regard to other patrons. They dive around, throw the ball over everyones heads, and make faces when people are in the flight path. Here is a tip: PLAY BALL IN THE FIELD!!!