Finally, Adobe has released a new email client perfect for Mac users:

or for the Professional:

Adobe understands that Mac users cannot stoop so low as to type text in emails, but instead feel the desire to attach screenshots to get their elitist point across. To support the stick in the rear Mac fanboys, Adobe now offers Photoshop to replace the Mac email editor. Simply Select New Document, set the page size (the larger, the better), and click the Text tool and start typing! Easily change your font style, add additional images, apply some effects and press Send! In mere moments, your 22MB email with the graphical representation of ‘Wanna do lunch?’ will be clogging the 100+ recipients of your misdirected message.

Seriously folks, my cow-irker received an email from a vendor answering some questions about their online server for which the replay WAS A FRICKIN’ SCREENSHOT OF THE ANSWERS!!!! WTF?!?!? Granted, this is an online application company that sells a hosted bug tracking application geared for people that are incapable of downloading bugzilla. As it is, the mailing list at work catering to people with Macs is already flooding with screenshots (‘I have attached a screenshot of the screensaver settings so you can configure yours the same’), but from a vendor? I sure hope we drop this vendor like a hot potato.