During my grade school days (in the late 70’s), there were books I checked out from the library almost every week that I would love to share with my daughter now, but alas, cannot remember the titles, and Google returns a bazillion results, Amazon has pages upon pages of books that are not what I am looking for, and eBay likewise disappointed me.
These books were of the science type for kids. They were hard cover, about 10 inches wide and about 14 inches tall. They had around 40-50 pages or so of ‘How-To’ build things. Some were about robots, others medivial castles and catapults, others of vehicles and so on. One of the books was about robots. It had a picture of some cardboard type robots on the cover, and if I recall correctly, there was one that was made out of a red shoebox. These books would describe how the things work, and how to build your own using things around the house (most used paper towel tubes and rubber bands for portions of the construction). As a kid, I didn’t have access to much of the construction materials, not because they were obscure or dangerous, but because, well, my parents probably threw the stuff out before I could get to it.
Anyway, if anyone has suggestions as to where I might find the books that may fit the vague description, please let me know! They were published around the 1975-79 time frame, but may even be as late as up to 1983’ish.