WOOT! I tore into the RockBand drums package like Tommy Chong into a dime bag. NOTE: some assembly required! I quickly snapped everything together and plugged it into my PC. Windows discovered it as a Harmonix Drum Machine Controller and needed drivers. Sure computer, scour the Internet for them. No luck. Hmmm, that worked on my neighbors machines. No biggie. I downloaded the Xinput drivers from Microsoft and all was recognized correctly (If those don’t work for you, try these instead). Next, a quick download of Drum Machine and I was in business. Or so I thought.

I launched Drum Machine and pressed on a drum pad. Nothing. I pressed one of the buttons on the drum controller. My PC made a drum noise. OK, it kinda works. Hmmmm. Ah ha! Maybe there are some sort of sound pickups or vibration/pressure type sensors under the pads. I lightly tapped a drum pad. BOMP! It worked! Tapped a few pads with the drum sticks. BOMP. BAM. CHING. I was in business. My daughter got up for a glass of water and literally drooled over the drums. She said she would play me a Barney song tomorrow. Joy. I can’t wait.

But my aspiration to be the next Joey Jordison or Neal Peart is put on hold for the night. My significant other is asleep and probably wouldn’t be impressed being awoken by the tappity-tap-tap, so I set them aside for tommorow so I can fulfill my fantasy of performing an Animal from the Muppets impression.