Coming home today, I heard the sirens of an emerging emergency vehicle. What I wasn’t prepared for is almost a 3 minute wait until it rounded the bend. To my surprise was a small mini van type vehicle with the siren roaring and lights flashing. Even more surprising is how speedy it was. NOT! I watch as the driver nagivated the intersection at a speed I can assume a turtle could pass, then when on the clear straight-away, he gunned it! Well, the engine (all 3 HP of it) revved up, BUT IT WAS NOT MOVING! Or at least, did not give the perception of moving. The transmission shifted into second gear, and it has moved about 20 feet, but the little engine was really trying. So another minute passes, and I can still see it struggling to get up the hill and out of sight. I pity whoever he was going to save.

On another note, here is something I grabbed from caphrims comments: