My daughter has the flu, and is dehydrated, so her dr ordered her to the hospital. A couple hours later, after sitting in the ER room (at least not in the waiting room!), they finally started her on a drip. Then we got the news: She was staying overnight. My wife ran home (40 minutes each way on a good day, but it was a blizzard!!!), then I took off and got home around 1:30am. Came back this morning and relieved the wife so she could catch up on sleep. Well, the kid was up all morning, can’t sleep. During that time, we hardly saw anyone. Finally, she falls into a very much needed slumber and the IV finishes and starts beeping every couple of seconds. I go and tell the staff, but after 40 minutes, no one comes in to reset it so I turn it off. That was not the correct thing to do, since they then had to flush out the tubes (sorry kiddo!). She falls back asleep and for the past 1.5 hours, I think I have seen every person who works in this hospital. THey must have radar: ‘If sleeping, go disturb’:
– The maintenance guys proceeded to fix the emergency exit right next to our room. 30 minutes of high pitch beeping and talking on 2-way radios
– Housekeeping comes in to clean even though I asked if she could come back. She rattled everything that moved. A bomb is quieter. Oh yeah, she didn’t like where I had the chair, so proceeded to drag it across the floor. I got her: I didn’t pick up my feet which she was sweeping.
– Our lunch was very late in arriving, but a few minutes ago, someone comes tearing in with 2 trays. I tell him I didn’t order anything now, and he is insisting, and is rattling the tops, glasses, etc. Finally, he concedes it is the wrong room, then makes even more noise leaving.
– A fire marshal tramps through looking for oxygen equipment.
– An orderly comes in just to look, then leaves. Comes back again and takes my daughters vitals. Comes back again because she forgot something. Opens the door again, then shuts it.
– The nurse keeps popping it.

So, they say to get as much rest as you can while in the hostipal. I dare you to try.