I have been watching the release date for the Xbox 360 RockBand standalone drums to be released.

The date slid a couple of times, but they came out today. The BestBuy web site did not have a listing for this highly desired controller, but the GameStop web site did. I took a trip to Fry’s Electronics for some electronics parts and they had a stack of them, so I figured BB should also have them (they are pretty good about getting video game stuff on the release date), and since I had a stack of BB rewards coupons to use, I wanted to get it there. I jetted over to BB but alas, no drum sets, only the full combo (game, guitar, microphone and drums), and they didn’t even know you could get the drums separately. While I would like the full kit, I already have the game, and I didn’t want to shell out $170 (although, another guitar would be nice). I called another BB in the area AND THEY HAD THEM!!! WOOT! I quickly got there before they closed and bought the last one they had. But the trip was not without obstructions. After snaking the last juicy nugget from the circling vultures, the Blue Shirts descended upon me:
‘Have everything you need?’
‘You need the game for that’
I know
‘That is not the complete set, those are over here’
‘Those are just the drums’
Yes, they are
‘For the XBOX360’
‘You still need the entire combo to use them’
I don’t need it. I am going to use them on my PC.
‘That won’t work. They are only for XBOX360’
Not really.
‘You still need the game’
I have the game
‘I mean, RockBand, the game’
Yes, I have it
‘And a guitar and microphone’
Have a guitar from GuitarHero2, don’t want a mic
‘But you need the full RockBand combo for those drums to work’
Luckily I was at the register by now. The 4 Blue Shirts tailing me broke formation with other unsuspecting customers in their sites. At the register, the conversation continued:
‘This is only the drum controller’
‘You still need RockBand’
I have it
‘Then why do you need more drums?’
I don’t have the drums yet
‘Then how do you have RockBand?’
The game is also available separately
‘Oh, but this is just the drums’
I handed over my 10% off coupons, but they were not valid for this obviously incorrect box (by their accord) I was purchasing. No biggie. Those coupons often have a lot of restrictions. I brought two different ones with in case one did score. Final total: $87 w/tax. WAIT! I handed over the BB Rewards coupons:
‘I don’t think you can use all of them at once’
I have before
‘I don’t think it will work’
They should, there are no restrictions on them.
DING! All accepted! I happily walked towards the door with my nonsensical (by their definition) purchase for less than the price of a video game. Now to get by the illegal bag checkers at the door. It was like deja vu all over again:
‘Cool, RockBand. Wait, that is only the drum set’
Yes (flashed the receipt and continued walking out)
‘I need to see your receipt’
(flashed it again and continued walking)
Now to go and hook them up to the PC.