Supply and Demand is a racket. All companies can do these days is deliver hype, not products. Take Nintendo for example. It has been a better part (if not more) of a year and your chances of getting a Wii are worse than winning the lottery when you don’t play. Luckily, I was able to score a console last April, but have experienced the quest for the elusive gaming accessories. First (and often, still), I could not find additional Wii remotes. Searches for Wii Points Cards are like a search for the holy grail (unless you want to buy a pink rubber cover for a classic Wii controller – which I don’t have). Mario Kart was a joke to find, but was able to locate a local store that had a clue as to their inventory. Now, Wii Fit is MIA. I think the premise is not so much that this is a tangible item for you to purchase, but rather you lose weight by traversing aisle after aisle in store after store in search of a glimpse of this next must-have gaming accessory. I understand keeping supply low to drive demand, but it comes to a point where your business will eventually suffer, or at least in theory it will. Reality paints a different picture. I think what really happens is eBay sabotages shipments so only a lucky few can buy a dozen or so and offer them up for auction at 5x the original price.

For those looking to get in shape with Wii Fit, until you actually find one available, take some advice from an unknown author:
‘To look skinny, all you need to do is find fatter friends.’