You see some strange things when you have an hour trip to/from work everyday. I’ve seen men shave (complete with shaving cream!) and countless women change everything from their blouse to everything head-to-toe, but this latest tops everything else. As I pull up to the stop light, I notice a man and woman on a crotch rocket motorcycle. The man was wearing those knee-length red basketball shorts, basketball jersey and hightops. Nothing interesting there, unless you consider the bubble butt (baby got back on that one!) riding along in the denim daisy dukes and white flip flops bumping and grinding, or rather, rubbing, on the seat. No, that was not all that unusual in the big scheme of things. What was unusual was the way she had her arms wrapped around the guy. Well, she *was* holding on, but not like you think. She had her hands down the front of the guys shorts (both hands) and, while stopped at the light, her hands certainly were busy. When the light turned green, he gunned it and pulled the front wheel off the ground. I guess she pulled back on the stick thinking she was flying an airplane or something. They get behind a slower car and I catch up. Her hands are still active, and now he has his left arm in a ‘reverse reach around’ position. They finally turn left and continue on their ‘merry’ way.

I don’t think a helmet would protect them from a Darwin Award if they keep this up. Then again, they weren’t wearing a helmet anyway. At least she had a good grip on things.